Allen Aragon, an acclaimed Navajo artist, creates miniature pottery and jewelry that is highly celebrated by collectors of Native American art throughout the United States and beyond.

Allen's miniature pots are created in the traditional ways but he has developed his own style, combining ideas from Navajo, Hopi, and Acoma art.

His jewelry is unlike any other. He creates intricate painting on miniature pieces of pottery and embeds the pottery into sterling silver.

He is a skillful artist who has taken traditional Navajo and Pueblo themes and used them in a fresh and innovative approach.

Born in Ganado, Arizona, Allen was raised on a ranch near Chaco Canyon. Allen would go monthly to weaving auctions in with his mother, an accomplished weaver. Surrounded by art, he became fascinated with the pottery that the Acoma women were bringing to sell.

His passion turned to miniature pots and silversmithing. His innovative ideas and passions led him to the union of pottery and jewelry, creating a whole new genre of works.


" Art and Music, is like a heart beat. You can't live with out it."

Allen Aragon


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